What If Trump Refuses to Accept a Biden Victory? A Look at How Electoral Chaos Could Divide Nation

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August 3, 2020

As President Trump floats the idea of delaying the election, we speak with Nils Gilman, historian and co-founder of Transition Integrity Project, which organized a bipartisan group of experts to game out what a contested November election might look like. “In every scenario except for the one where Biden won in a landslide, we ended up with severe electoral contestation, protests in the streets, crazy stories happening on social media, and the challenges went down to Inauguration Day,” Gilman says.

In a system of intimidation and control, people do not show how much they know, how deeply they feel, until their practical sense informs them they can do so without being destroyed.

-Howard Zinn, A People's History of the United States

Alex Main on Bolivia Coup, Carol Anderson on Voter Suppression

July 31, 2020

Alex Main on Bolivia Coup, Carol Anderson on Voter Suppression

This week on CounterSpin: US corporate media were in vocal support of last year’s coup against Bolivia’s Evo Morales. But they’re rather quiet now that Jeanine Añez—who, in a legislative session without a quorum, due to the fact that many lawmakers were in hiding, jumped the line of succession and declared herself president—is putting off holding elections, again; and has said she is running, despite previous promises to the contrary.

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Sometimes the shackles of oneself are worse than those of others.

-Ahmed Mostafa

Voter ID Law Handed Wisconsin to Trump in 2016. It Could Happen Again in 2020.

Greg Palast, © Truthout
July 31, 2020

Donald Trump’s 2016 Wisconsin win was a shock to the Democratic Party — but then, the Democratic Party is always shocked — because Wisconsin was supposed to be a safe state for Hillary Clinton.

Democrats had crushed it seven elections in a row, helped by the massive vote from the famously progressive, activist University of Wisconsin student population.

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Two things form the bedrock of any open society — freedom of expression and rule of law. If you don’t have those things, you don’t have a free country.

-Salman Rushdie

With the help of Stephen Miller, Fox & Friends uses Trump’s “Delay the Election” tweet to lie about mail-in voting

BY ERIC KLEEFELD, © Media Matters
July 31, 2020

Fox News continued Friday morning to provide cover for President Donald Trump’s tweet from Thursday, which suggested that America might “Delay the Election” rather than allow it to take place with expanded mail-in voting.

Previously, Fox News personalities ridiculed comments by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who said in April that Trump might attempt to put off the election. At the time, Fox News commentators called such accusations a “bizarre conspiracy theory,” “so dumb,” “an attempt to frighten people,” “a conjuring,” and other terms of derision.

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There are two kinds of politicians on Earth: Those who expand the freedoms and those who restrict them! The second group has no chance to triumph and they will always be remembered as spooky characters from a horror movie!

-Mehmet Murat ildan