Viggo Mortensen

New black and white photographs and words from Viggo Mortensen that look directly at loss, change, and renewal. In making Linger, he strives to find a still place from which to see and interpret the world around him. The imagery in this book deals frankly with family, strangers, and landscape that Mortensen has recently been able to spend extended time with, rather than hurriedly observe as just one more passing ghost with a camera and a notebook. Although we might occasionally find in these newer images hints of the chaotic abstractions that have recently dominated his work, Linger evidences a patience with things as they come to be and, consequently, a tranquility long-absent from both his photography and writing.

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Linger by Viggo Mortensen

Softcover, ISBN 0-9774869-3-1, 104pp, 91/2 x 81/4

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