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The Importance of a free press rarely demonstrates itself as vividly as it did during those early dark hours of Monday, August 19th, 1991, in Moscow.
– The Coup, Underground Moscow Newspapers.

I chose this quote to open my introduction to The Silencing when it was first published in 2008. Last week, Novaya Gazeta, the last standing independent news organization in Russia, suspended operations. Free, uncensored and independent journalism; a free press, is the cornerstone to any democratic society, and the silencing of a free press, a step on the path to authoritarianism. We feel with the rise of global authoritariamism, the fierce urgency of keeping the voices of these journalists alive, many of whom reported for Novaya Gazeta. We are making the epub of The Silencing free and available, and immediately downloadable to anyone who wants it.

Alix Lambert

The images in this book are of murder sites. They are about absence: what’s not there, what has happened there, what might still happen there, what lies just around the corner, over the horizon, on the other side of the road. They are about possibility, loss, death, pain, passion, and they are also about hope. The interviews that accompany them are personal accounts—memories, thoughts, and feelings about the six journalists who lost their lives in these places—from those who knew them, worked with them, loved them, admired them, and needed them.

The six murders addressed here are, unfortunately, a very small representation of the multitude of journalists—not only in Russia, but worldwide—who have had their lives taken from them for what they believe in and whose cases remain unsolved. These few speak for many.

Alix Lambert’s feature length documentary “The Mark of Cain” was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and aired on Nightline. As an artist Lambert has exhibited her work to international critical acclaim, showing in The Venice Biennale, The Museum of Modern Art, The Georges Pompidou Center, and the Kwangju Biennnale, currently she is exhibiting at the SculptureCenter in New York.

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The Silencing by Alix Lambert