Henry Eric Hernández

“No es éste el lugar para escribir las versiones oficiales de la historia, pues Eric no se centra en las narraciones de poder sino más bien en los sucesos de unas vidas que fácilmente podrían ser las nuestras.”

“This is not the place to write the official versions of history, because Eric is not focusing on narrations of power but rather what happens to a life that could easily have been yours or mine.”

—from Kevin Power's foreword

This book is the follow-up to La Revancha/Revenge, which continues the artist's highly personal rendering of modern Cuban History, a further invitation to join him on his brave journey, to laugh, wonder, question and hopefully learn how close we really are to his country, how little separates us not only physically but in terms of what we experience and value in our not-so-different lives. People, slogans, relics, desires, adolescence, errors, triumphs, losses, absurd as well as noble gestures, the best of intentions, the urge to survive and remember, always to remember. Cuba, like any place, and Cubans, like any people, have always been open. All we need do is to look and listen. We hope you enjoy this leg of the trip. ¡Buen provecho!


Otra Isla Para Miguel by Henry Eric Hernández

Paper over board, ISBN 978-0-9774869-9-1, 106pp, 61/4 x 91/4, Includes DVD “Cuentos Cortos, Short stories”

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