Henry Eric Hernández

In his foreword to these highly personal documentary interventions by Cuban artist Henry Eric, Kevin Power writes that “Eric's broader sense of history has anchored itself in the particulars of his own life and artwork. His central metaphors are, perhaps, repair, respect, and recovery: the redress of the injustices official history always does to the small actors who lived and made it.” Most people outside of Cuba are largely ignorant of the details of “official history” in that country, and completely unaware — as most Cubans themselves may be — of the parallel stories that have not found their place in the sanctioned version of events. This book makes a valiant and uncompromising effort to show a little of what has been hidden, and what we, thanks to Eric's carefully documented, often wry observations, now are able to identify and thus save from oblivion. Lies and truths, this book seems to say, have equal weight in memory. Both will continue to exist and be recorded. Sometimes, as in LA REVANCHA, we get a little more than we hope for, something more than worth remembering. Bilingual Edition, published in Spanish and English.

LA REVANCHA: Limited Special Edition

This Special Edition includes a 5.5 cm. by 20 cm. newspaper clipping collected from Cuban newspapers by the author before (1959) the revolution. Also included is a 5 cm. by 7.5 cm. card found in a Cuban magazine after 1959 and postal comics of 1959 which his family used in table games. The newspaper clipping serves as a bookmark and the card is inserted on the inside back cover. Each clipping/card is unique and signed by the author.

We have exhausted all of the Newspaper Clipping bookmarks collected by author Henry Eric prior to 1959. At this time the book mark will not be included as part of the special edition. The cut out collected by the author from Cuban magazines after 1959 and postal comics of 1959 will remain as an insert in the inside back cover. The color card is signed and laminated.

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Both editions hardcover, 96 pages, ISBN 978-0-9763009-1-5

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Regular Edition, Special Edition