Strange Movie Full of Death


“…accidents happen

in the cool light of evening

men and women cry

keep your head down

we hear good things are in the offering…”

—Scott Wannberg

We are immensely proud to present Scott Wannberg’s death-defying, joy-riding high-wire act of a poetry collection titled strange movie full of death. In this uniquely original book of poems he speaks for himself and for us, ever-so-gently, ever-so-keenly, ever-so-devastatingly continuing to do what he has been doing for many years — on stages, in cars, in the desert, in diners, in the bathroom, in recordings, on the printed page, largely for-free, with microphones, pens, typewriters, now computers, alone and with others, on earth and in your face — to sing the laughing, joyful, tragi-comic and deadly serious song of the business of love, redemption and fearless confession. He has steadily kept the lines of communication open, sometimes appearing to some to be quite mad, crazily out in the open with his hot heart pumping for all to see, but never with malicious intent, never to say “I am a great poet and you ought to pay extreme attention to what I have to say to you.” For reasons too many and too profound to tell, he is California’s and North America’s great poet and you ought to pay extreme attention to what he has to say to you.

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Strange Movie Full of Death

Hardbound poetry book by Scott Wannberg

ISBN 978-0-9819747-3-6, 168 pages

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